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w2e2Rod Boothby points us to a post by Marcel de Ruiter, who had an an interesting post in his Shaping Thoughts blog entitled Are discussion forums the ultimate Enterprise 2.0 killer-app? In it, he says, “discussion forums are not often mentioned among the so called Enterprise 2.0 tools. As if they are not “worth” it? Second, discussion forums might be the easiest in terms of adoption as they exist for so long now (part of Web 1.0). A lot of people will know the tools from their ventures on the Internet. Of all Enterprise 2.0 tools like wiki’s, blogs, tagging, the outsider the “discussion forum”, might be the easiest to introduce and often with clear immediate value.”

He lists some of the features of discussion forums as:

  • many-to-many (everybody can ask a question or start a discussion; anybody can step in)
  • different sub-forums and category within a forum (providing structure)
  • tracking tools like “subscribe to this thread”
  • structured information on users (location, number of posts etc.)
  • content is searchable and linkable
  • WYSIWYG editing (!!)

but then goes on to list features of blogs and of wikis that traditional discussion forums do not support (no RSS, no structured storing of information, etc.).

This leads me to believe that the real killer app is a platform that integrates discussion forums, blogs, and wikis, and provide the structure, searching, wysiwyg, and subscription of forums with the ability to push new content to the community or the world, and the power of the read-write web where everyone can edit pages and store information.

How about adding the ability to one engine that drives all three forms of collaboration, with a single search and profile, enterprise architecture and permissions management, and even the ability to turn a forum into a wiki or blog (or vice versa) with a few mouse clicks?

Not to be immodest, but that’s exactly what we’ve built with the xPERT eCommunity! Will this be the way that organizations move into Web 2.0?

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