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We’ve been working with customers on a new way to demonstrate training results using mini-360’s. it started when one of our customers said that he needed a “GPS for training” – that is, a way to see where he was in moving the needle on business goals at any given point in time. Sometimes, he said, a business owner will come to his boss – the VP of Talent – and ask just why their best folks are being drawn away from work for leadership development. You may have had this same experience.
We have been working with our customers on this, and in 2010 we developed a Learning Goals activity for our Q2 Platform. This activity enables learners to set goals and then receive periodic feedback from their manager, coach, and peers. It also allows these people to rate performance against goals, thus providing a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mini-360 that can be rolled up to see program results.
In the next few weeks we will be releasing an enhanced version of our dashboard that will allow administrators to graphically see a meter that shows them how their training is impacting performance, and how this impact is growing over time.
We’re pretty excited about this, as it starts addressing the “holy grail” of demonstrable results head-on. In fact, you can see a 5 minute screen cast on this here:: Demonstrable results.
I’ll be posting more on this as time goes on, or if you’re interested in finding out how this might work for you, give me a shout at
(The Q2 Platform provides the ability to create learning maps that allow designers to transform training events into learning processes that track completion of all types of learning – SCORM, virtual classroom, 24/7 small group activities, assignments, etc. Learning Goals is another activity that can be added to these learning maps.)

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